London Life
2019-12-20 18:15:39 (UTC)

Nice girls and the vegan Market

After getting off the bus for work I was looking at a girl in a tiny skirt which was fluttering sexily in the breeze, then she walked into our offices! However I didn’t want to wait for the lift, but was rewarded for walking up the stairs when, on the 4th floor a different pair of beautiful thighs beneath a very short skirt suddenly appeared literally in front of my eyes, coming out of a door as I climbed the stairs up to that floor. She was beautiful overall. I want to work on that floor! It was only a brief glimpse but my memory retained it.

I sat on the 5th floor and had fun taking to sexy Laila, as well as Pauline, who always makes me laugh – though she wasn’t happy about being disturbed by a quiz taking place at the other end of the room. She seems so confident and capable now she's a Senior Manager. Elina arrived at lunchtime, but she didn’t want to sit in the seat I’d saved her next to me, as Jane was the other side - there are lots of people who Elinna says annoy her. But I did go for a late lunch with her, and ate her Pret soup which she didn’t like.

She was complaining about her boyfriend again, but it was a bit unfair as he had to work late and she thought it would be too late to go to his house. And they couldn't go out as she hadn't tarted herself up enough. I told her to go home and watch telly, which she usually likes, but she said she was too angry to enjoy it. I really couldn't help her this time. It was the last time I'd see her this year but she didn't give me a hug.

Without Elina distracting me do much today, I finished the Top 100 – including local stations and links, having answered some queries about the cut-off date and which stations are included. I had to wait while Jack visited his friend, so I quickly compiled the Top 100 of the year, which is easier than you'd think – except that two of the weeks are missing.

Eventually we got a bus to Hackney for a vegan evening market. I got some food from a very pushy man who was dishing my lasagne up before I'd confirmed I wanted it, though it's true I was a bit keen to nab the final bit. The accompanying tofu fingers were nice, but the stir-fry which Jack suggested I had, wasn't tasty. He got some chips and something barbecued.

There was a covered bar area where you could sit and eat the food, and a cinema behind a curtain where they were having a cabaret. Jack saw a girl dancing in her bra and knickers, but unfortunately I missed it when I looked a bit later, there was a drag act on. However, I did get to look at the dancing girl going to the bar a bit later. She'd put a wrap on, but it was see-through.

We went for a coffee in the Picture House to warm up, where it would have been easier to understand what the barman was saying if he hadn't got a toothpick in his mouth, then we got the train home. When looking for my spare glasses (my main ones bring broken) I found a Hudl tablet I'd forgotten I'd got, though I couldn't get it to connect to our Wi-Fi (yet).