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2019-12-19 22:04:53 (UTC)

Belated Birthday Dinner

Hooked up with my core friends today. I picked Outback Steakhouse again. The prime rib is just too tasty. These are my core friends. I've known them for about 10 years on ave. They again said to forget about Faye. She's nuts. We had fun as usual talking about future trips next year. We want to try to make it to Europe next year. That's about 5K so I better get on it. Maybe we could hit Vegas too as a 2nd cheaper trip. Love love love Vegas.

My friend Jenny used to love to ski. I used to love to go kayaking. We talked and we found we both aren't doing the stuff we both used to love to do. WTF? What happened to us? It was sad that we both have issues. We were better than this. Now? Look at us....sad. Told her we need to get out of this slump. Don't let other people make us what we are. We make ourselves.

Ended up closing the place down again...It was a good night. They paid for me too. Not used to not spending money for dinner. So this is how it feels to get your meal paid for huh? haha.

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