London Life
2019-12-18 17:47:41 (UTC)

Work meal, church service, last week at the pub

Wed 18/12/2019
I couldn’t find my work glasses case, which also contained the broken-off side of my main pair. So I was squinting at the computer all day. I saved Elina a seat next to me, despite the 7th floor being quite full, but she was called downstairs by her boss. She complained he talked to her all the time, but that’s what she does to me (but I enjoy it). My position in the new structure was confirmed, together with a job description which as usual looks a lot harder than what I actually do. Surprisingly my higher boss was sitting at the end of my row, apparently another team turned up en masse and took their usual seats.

Went for a meal with my team; on the way to the restaurant I was chatting up Jennifer, who rarely comes into the office but she’s very pretty with fantastic straight blonde hair, (though Elina thinks she looks as if she’s had a Botox) and at the meal I was gazing at her. She is so much better looking than any other girls in our team, though I did also put my arm round Corinne and cuddled her at the meal, after she showed me her pictures from Italy. At one stage, I glanced across what I thought was the other side of the room, and someone in a mini-skirt suit briefly caught my eye, but it was my reflection in a wall-size mirror!

Talked to Ian on our way to the pub, about my mortgage and how times change, then watched Aidan from our team perform some really good, professional-looking card tricks, such as getting Corinne to write her name on a card, then producing it from an impossible place. Then he got her to hold the pack between her hands, then when she lifted her hand, they weren’t cards but transparent plastic sheets. I tried to look where he didn’t want you to look, but I couldn’t see any trickery happening.

We did a quiz, which I was quite helpful in, then Elina was texting to ask when I was coming back, so I went back to the office before the wider team drink started, and chatted to her for a bit. I was about to leave, to run to the church where we were helping homeless people, but I hadn’t got my running shoes or my socks, so I had to get the tube home and make a dash to meet the others, so I missed the pre-task chit-chat, though I did talk briefly to a first-timer, who did a task at Hackney yesterday. I was wearing my Father Christmas hat, but not everyone had anything festive on, although it was supposedly “compulsory”.

When we got to the church, Flavia, who I can’t actually remember talking to before, was very keen to take a selfie with me (“to show Dharmesh and Rob”) and if I didn’t know better, I would think she was coming on to me. She was certainly keen to smile and put her arm round me later, and she complained that I don’t follow her on Strava. I didn’t even know what her name was until I looked it up later, but we had a chat in the pub afterwards – she’s on a trip home to Venice soon. We were invited to a service at the church, which we thought would be carols, but in fact was complex descant choirs and classical instruments.

In the pub Abi was casually saying that she was “throwing toast” at Dom when she got home after the party. Though after I saw him with his arm round her in Sheffield, I’ve seen them separately several times but not together, so I wasn't sure if they were a thing. I am a bit wary of Dom after he cut me out of a WhatsApp group because he didn’t want me to go to his birthday drink, but instead of saying that, he made up a spurious excuse.

After Flavia left, I was talking to Alex as it was difficult to hear Abi and Cas, who were talking about another person we know and whether he was a predator. He asked her to play with him on one trip, and he was handling the girls (mainly shoulders, necks etc.) at last week’s meal. The verdict seemed to be that he is just on the right side of being inappropriate.

I went and chatted to Liz and Sally, then stayed when they left, to talk to Abi and Cas. I had to tell them I couldn’t remember the end of the party. I also remember saying about how much more stable the Bristol group is, no-one is still at our group from when I started (except Chris and some of the Islington people). In other news, Steve L (who Cas doesn't like, for some reason) had quite an acrimonious split with Rosie. There were also other people saying that Frances had just ignored them when they said hello to her, which George previously said had happened to him.

Just after I left, Jack phoned but he was already at the tube station so I met him at home. I couldn't get my Strava to work properly for the run home.