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2019-12-18 23:52:45 (UTC)

I'm actually very lucky ♣︎

Glad I have a plethora of friends. I know I suck at other things like romances but as far as friends, that part I'm good at. Friends seem to be so effortless to get. I wish I had the power to put that into my romantic basket of life. But today, I'm doing something I don't normally do. I'm bringing friends from my gym, darts, meetup, and work together for the first time. I'm at least inviting them to my belated dinner tonight. This outta be fun.

I still haven't made a one-to-one type of friend at church yet. Can't really speak while the pastor is preaching so that makes it harder but then again, that's not the priority at church anyway. I could join their little groups on week nights but gym class makes it hard to do both.

Going to work late. I have PT this late morning so no sense go to work for a short time and then have to leave for PT. All's good anyway. Got my projects in line so no stress there. Still need to learn the new stuff but that'll come for sure. I always manage to get it going. I just need time and effort.

So.... I'm supposed to have a talk with Faye soon. She still wanted to be friends and she asked I give it a couple of weeks to decide. I wanted to tell her last night. We normally text to set up date and time to call but she isn't responding. So either she knows I'm not going to go for that or she senses I don't want anything like that for me and know I'm going to say good bye. But no response to my text. So, I'll take that as a acceptance that it's over. This is easier for me anyway since I do have mixed feelings about her. Maybe it's for the better we cut ties this way. Still sucks though I tell you that. I'm not jumping for joy. Sigh.

Got my dopamine fix last night. Spent 2 1/2 hrs at the gym. An hr class and 1.5 doing jump ropes. Got home and felt much more relaxed after that. I don't know how my legs can take that kind of a pounding and so far, my neck hasn't given me any pain at all.

Didn't have a drop of alcohol. Just drank my Canadian maple hot tea and two pieces of chicken. My weight is within my normal range. Arms feel better. Still some chest muscle soreness but I'll live. Today's workout should be a lot of cardio. I can't wait.

Hope to see my superstar friend today. But if not, I'll see her sooner or later.

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