Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-12-18 14:11:20 (UTC)


How much more can I rant and rave about the same thing? I feel like I'm meant to be miserable. I may end up with the wrong person, if anyone, because I like anyone that talks to me and is a little bit nice... a lot. I'm starting to like someone a lot, who I don't even want to use my fake name for! I'm not afraid of feeling this way, nor do I not want to feel this way, I just don't want to get carried away like I typically tend to do. Stress, especially the kind I'm going through, can do funny things to you. I genuinely like this person and I'm getting more and more upset that I don't get to see him more often. He is becoming a crutch and I did not want that to happen. All I can do is let it be. This isn't what's stressing me out at all, though, but if it actually is in the slightest, it's still a very nice distraction from the thing I'm actually stressed about and thus, have I kept myself from ranting and raving in here!

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