London Life
2019-12-17 23:01:54 (UTC)

The walk home

Mon 16/12/2019
After doing a section 4, catching up on forms, some qualification letters and good progress on the Top 100, I met Jack to walk home for the first time for ages - about an hour's walk, though longer as we're chatting. I'm still carrying my laptop home every day. We went via Carnaby Street and an unusual route via a distinctive Welsh Chapel and a stunning steeple at another church behind. There is always something different to see in London.

We passed the BT tower and happened upon the Indian YMCA at the perfect time, about 19:00, for a meal. Though Jack did say he preferred the Krishna place, which has the bonus of not serving chicken. We stopped at Cafe Nero by my old office, where we spent part of Christmas Eve when there was stil an independent coffee house there.

We decided to walk the rest of the way home - even though Jack walked an hour from his parents' house yesterday (and got soaked). We diverted into the estate to look for a signposted pub and took an unusual route via my old nursery and the pyb where we watched the World Cup with Alex.