Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-12-17 14:28:09 (UTC)

😢😢😢, II

Nothing in my life can go right, ever. Yesterday was a good day, actually, but today is more of the norm. Besides, my heat wasn't on last night or this morning. Never had a problem with this before where I live. I heard someone telling the landlord and she seemed to not believe him. For the therapist that suggests sleeping pills (which, only make me drowsy and tired all day, the next day, ☺), I suggest they get the heat fixed in my building. That will help a lot! I can hopefully talk about this with her tomorrow. It's really, really pissing me off! A manager made me turn my music off, yet they allow one of their worst employees to play it all morning! WTF?!?! I feel like I'm going to snap! Every little good thing in my life is either not real (the Vsauce crush - even if I could really meet him, he's married... but, even if he wasn't, who's to say he'd like me back? Who's to say, he'd be what he seems to be -- haven't actually met him in real life, afterall!), so temporary (yesterday - I wrote about it offline, vaguely because I don't remember the things SC said - I was just happy he was there and talking to me! Lol. I barely get to see him. That's only when he stays late, which is once or twice a week - MAYBE) or taken away from me.

I really want to die. 😢😢😢