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2019-12-15 22:29:56 (UTC)

A fantastic weekend 🤩

Wow! I had a great weekend. One of the best in awhile. Not one bit of drama too. Maybe that's why it was great? haha. Friday was with good ole friends. Had me some king crabs legs, shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops and a bottle, or two or 6 of my wines from one of my wineries I'm a member of. Saturday was our gym's annual Christmas party and man oh man was it fun.

At the party, I got to see my gym peeps all dressed up and boy did they look good. Of course, I'm talking about the ladies. Not into looking at men much. I'm not a dancer at all. Not my kind of thing but I danced my butt off that night and had a blast. Food was for crap! They served pizza while it tasted good, I now have to work off those dang carbs. But the booze sure did flow. I'm not into hard liquor but I had my fill of Maker's Mark and red wine that night. I'm lucky I didn't puke my guts out after.

Anyway, we had so much fun. I hung around mostly with my gym peeps but I also chatted with the other gym peeps a little since i go to their gym on Friday nights. I recognized some of the and started chatting with them. There is one cutey that got my attention. I mean she was cute and she had some nice tight jeans on with an very decent but snuggly blouse. So yeah... of course we flirted a liyylr and we busted each other from time-to-time looking at one another. Or at least my silly imagination thought we did. Then, just like stupid high school friends, my friend dared me to ask her out. This isn't an online dating app where you just swipe in the right direction.

This is a for real life taking a chance and get turned down then and there. So I took that dare with alcohol as my shield and finally asked her for her number. I got shot down. hahaha. She said she had a boyfriend and of course she would being soooooo cute. I said ok and I left with a smile. Not disappointed because at least I tried and I had to laugh because it's actually been awhile since I asked anyone out. If I look back, since my ex gf and I broke up, it was only two. This moment and with Faye. I guess I could say I was batting.500 now. Still a fun night and you know it was a fun night when all you wake up to on your phone is when Lyft asks you how was your ride and if you want to leave a tip. I don't even recall if the driver was a man or woman until I saw the post on my phone.

The only other proof was the pics I saw on my phone and a real print out of a pic my friends and I posed for. Even that wasn't known till I hung up my sports coat and checked the pockets. Speaking of.. I think I dressed perfect for the event. I got some looks that I never used to have before and my zipper wasn't down nor did I have a note on my back saying to kick me. Confidence was high for sure and I got treated nice all night. Even my coach that was there said I was dressed great and he's a dude. Still got shot down when I asked for that lady's number though so that brought me back down to earth.😩 But it doesn't take much since I'm normally at the gym with sneakers and gym shorts on.

Than today, I got close to a hundred "happy birthday" posts on Facebook. That can't be really bragging because it's just posts on FB once again saying happy birthdays. I did get one from my ex wife with was kind of weird. It said "I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. Thinking of you on this special day. My best wishes to you hon love ya." I guess it was nice of her to post. If she saw me in person, I guess I'd give one of those limp ass fish handshakes and a crooked smile to pretend I appreciated it kind of thing. haha.

Of course, I had my morning coffee as usual. Went to church because I'm a heathen and needed some discipline. Trying to be a decent human being. I did find it funny because all I had to do to dress up for church was change a thing or two with what I wore last night. I can be a hunter man whore from one moment to a nice church going dude just with a minor tweak of the wardrobe :)

Anyway today my friends took me to a micro-brewery. We must talk pretty loud because we'd have people jumping in joining us on the conversation that we were having. Just regular bull-poop stuff and it was all in jest. Even this lady bartender came over to chat with us when it was slow pretending to clean the tables but we were all just having a fun silly time. I think at the time, we were teasing the millennials maybe. Then we switched subject and was talking about how much Kapernick lost in income when he did his thing.

Later, on the way home we decided to go to Outback Steakhouse. Boy was it good. I ordered a steak and for the first time ever, I couldn't finish it. I think maybe it was because we had drunk so much from the microbrewery earlier. Waitress was nice to us. We made her laugh with our silly half-wit but funny humor. She may have been just being nice to us because we were drunk and she was thinking to pretend to laugh and chat with us. We did have one designated driver so no worries peeps.

That was pretty much how my day went. Great birthday and it isn't actually my birthday yet. I was born on Dec 15th at 11:05 PM. So that means now I guess as I"m typing this. Sober now since I passed out as soon as I got home and just woke up. I must've taken pics because I see it on my phone. Thank goodness I don't see any dick-pics in there. Whew!! I like fun nights but not that much fun.

I even got a call and text from my wingman friend Heidi. She's cool. She did call me this morning telling she needs to take me out to dinner for my birthday but can't today because she has to work. It's sure nice and I'm very appreciative that I have a friend friend female that is also a hot eye candy. She is my social multiplier. We post pics of us hanging out and she makes me look better socially. She's a cool friend. I think it's about 10 years now?

Even my original coach at the gym sent my a personal message. I thanked her for signing me up at the gym and changing my life. I think back and sort of have mixed feelings about this. I'm still that same guy from a few years ago. But back then, I was invisible. I know I stated this before. No one would say anything to me in an elevator. No one would say anything at the supermarket lines. I wouldn't have been able to have these many new friends had I been the same old kind hearted me from before.

What changed? Nothing. I'm still that guy. Only the weight. Yup, just losing the weight and maybe getting a little more toned along the way is all that changed. Sad but true. So while I'm enjoying life better nowadays, it wasn't always like that. But hey, it is what it is and it's not like that now. Can't be a Debbie-downer on myself. Loving life now. I'll even take the bad because all that means is I'm playing the game of life. Not just sitting on the sofa watching life go by wishing I'd have done this or done that. So I'll take the battle scars. No.. they aren't battle scars. Sounds too negative huh? Then let's call it tattoos. I'm all tatted up and now that much better.

On the lighter side, I should tell Faye I'm a year older so she can freak out even more about the gap in our ages. hahahahaha.

These pics was from the past couple of days. Also dudes, you may not want to look. Apparently, I was drunk and too a pic of my butt so there is that. Clothed but no dude want to look at another other dude's butt along with a pic of me minus my head just because it's my birthday and I feel like it.

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