London Life
2019-12-14 22:09:22 (UTC)

Sexy semi-nudes at the fetish club

Fri 13/12/2019
Got up at 11 and went into work at lunchtime. I just nicely had time to do the Top 100, without including local radio, but I did have time to source links for the new entries. Sat on the 5th floor for Elina, though she came back quite late from her team meal.

After work I went with Jack to the Van Gogh vegan restaurant in Brixton, where my choice was restricted because there were no specials, just a seasonal set menu which wanted you to pay £25 for two courses. Jack got that menu, saying we could share the pudding, but the chocolate cake was hot and sticky, especially as Jack forgot to put the cream on it.

Went for a coffee by the canal, then had to go home as I'd had an email reminding me I needed to take photo ID to Torture Garden. This time I allowed myself plenty of time to get changed, at Kings Cross, so there was no drunken panic. I wore the skin-tight shiny black micro-dress with a huge hole each side, just above the hem. I swivelled it round, so that one huge hole was showing off most of my right bum cheek, and the other was at the front, revealing enough to prove that I don't let my garden grow. Also fishnet stockings, a glittery wrap, and over-knee stilleto boots. My new mask worked so well I forgot I was wearing it.

Outside and inside the venue, I spoke to a girl who was only wearing something around her middle. Her boobs and fanny were on show. She put a little dress on later, but she soon took it off again. I also spoke to a bloke in a policeman's hat who was proud of bunking the fare from Brighton (but spends £30 getting into this club). My usual people were not there as they'd gone to another event, but I'll see them next week.

There was entertainment as usual, (mainly different types of stripper), and a spanking area which I don't use. The main reasons I go, are to wear sex clothes myself, and admire the amazing other girls. They've nearly all got great figures, and they wear a huge variety of sex clothes - kinky little see-through dresses, or just revealing underwear you'd get from a sex shop. There are so many beautiful thong-clad bums on show. I was looking at one perfect bum in fishnets for twenty minutes I reckon, and there were quite a few uncovered boobs as well. It's what I used to fantasise about, in my French holiday scenarios.

The blokes don't look good, in things like leather shorts and see-through black tops, or topless with leather trousers. They actually look gay, but most of them are with girlfriends, who sweetly are occasionally seen to kiss other girls or touch their bums (not mine, this time). I saw a girl lying down with a bloke's cock in her mouth, while another bloke had his tongue between her legs.

I lost my cloakroom ticket again (for my coat and valuables) but I'd remembered the number. I left the club about 5am and walked home. Thought I saw a girl at the bus stop with just tights and a short jacket on, no skirt or knickers. It was my first fetish event for ages, as I now do a lot of Sunday runs, and I was turned away from one for having no ID (though I did go home and back again), and another time because my phone wasn't working and they hadn't got a list of ticket purchasers.

The rest of the weekend was quite mundane. Went to football, where they uncharacteristically kept giving the ball away, got up at 9:25 on Sunday, read the news and watched EFL, ran to Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, caught up with the Amazing Chart, and tidied the bedroom after knocking lots of stuff off the shelf the other day, and making a mess on Friday looking for my stockings cover.