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me and my life
2019-12-14 19:34:52 (UTC)

Fight is still on

Monku n i are in bitter from 8th dec and today's we are on 15th dec. We both are fighting. I am more I gave him. Good hearing he is less bcoz he is guilty. He wants me to meet and discuss. This we had done many a times nothing works out. M fedup. I am broken, it hurts a lot. He is not a kind of person who will try his 100 percent to sort things. Yesterday I had msged him to talk to me. He didn't n when I called him. Today to ask this he told j was unwell. He always say this whenever we have fight. Donno it is justifying. M afraid even he is planning to quit the relationship in serious note. Donno.. I was thinking of all good time we spent, good understanding we shared, all good care he had taken n I called him but said he was not well. He went to office he did his work then why is he giving me this reason. Does he want me to go from his life? Or he doesn't love me anymore. This aches my heart, m in trouble. It's depressing and its bothering me. M fed up n crying. God give me. Strength..