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2019-12-13 19:23:38 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I'm sorry. I am sorry that I am a horrible son who doesn't spend enough time with his dying father. I am sorry that I disappear for 2-3 hours on my days off. I am sorry that I have friends who I socialize with. I am sorry that I am a horrible son. My father kind of blindsided me tonight with how I do other things and don't always spend time with him on my days off. I mean: Sunday is football day (2 games)(1 & 4). Mondays and Tuesdays we watch our shows and movies. But he also said how I disappear and stuff. I reminded him that he falls asleep a lot and listens to music. I'm sorry....I love my parents, they are my world. I know my father is dying, I don't wanna realize it and yes I am in full denial. But...I do my best. Anyway...long day tomorrow...night all.