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2019-12-13 19:22:14 (UTC)

Some. Serious issues

I and Monku are fighting a lot after he is back from bhopal n have not spoken to his family. M terribly upset on him for not showing courage n talking to their parents abt our wedding. My wedding is just no where. For their stupid silly reasons. Today I returned all the stuffs he gifted me as a closure from my side. I did to make him realise my important n also important of our relationship. He is hurt, m planning to visit him on Sunday.
I might go n talk but that's same thing. Soon our relationship will be long distance he in pune n me in Mumbai donno how will it work.
I donno whats gonna happen, i feel m lil harsh on him but I want him to take a stand. I hope things will get better. M slipping in depression. This thing is bothering me alot.