Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-12-12 21:19:03 (UTC)

Some Good Things

Yesterday, 2 people let me know I'm not alone and I could call them if I need to. That's nice. Another person a while ago, did the same. I still can't help, but feel empty and depressed, but maybe a lot less stressed out and scared now.


This morning, SC said that he was the spawn of Satan. Lol. I want to call him that next time I see him. When I first saw him today, I instantly smiled to myself. I love having a secret crush. It's so dumb, fun and innocent. It's so frivolous that I hardly feel the need to tell anyone. You know how, if you love someone or maybe even just like someone a lot that you want to shout it to the world? Well, this is not like that at all. I would probably admit it if someone straight-up asked me if I had a crush on him. I don't care. But, it's fun having a secret, for once.

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