Experienced Life
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2019-12-12 08:50:10 (UTC)

Hoping for two days in a row of peace

Maybe I'm asking for a lot but I hope for just another nice day. Got a message last night from my dart friends. They want to come over this weekend and make dinner. They have some sides and want to bring king crab legs. King crab legs?! Heck yeah!! Not saying no to that. I did ask if they hit the lotto because that sucker costs around $28 a pound. So I told them Friday night would be a good day for me. My birthday is on the 15th and they remember or FB must notify them I guess.

Got up this morning to go #1 which can be challenging on some mornings due to my.......issues 😇 but today it was complicated by sore hamstrings. Getting out of bed, you don't know what part of your body aches from your workouts so you sort of twist your body around in weird directions like a cat to find out what hurts. Right now, it's my shoulder blades, some lats, deltoids, but what really hurts like a mother-effer is my hamstrings. The first few steps and you feel the "love" for sure. I just know that if walking around hurts my hamstrings, squatting on the toilet is gonna be a whole lotta fun for sure. That's when sore hamstrings really say good morning to you. I think I need those rope thingy supports hanging from my bathroom so I can ease myself down when I sit on the toilet. haha.

I checked my weight this morning. I hit my 155 lb mark.!! Feels great to hit it :) The low end of my normal 155-160 range. Woohoo!! I've just been eating right and probably because I haven't been drinking much wine. A few pounds makes so much difference in the gym. I'm flying on the jump rope now. Double-unders are getting more and more frequent. Getting better at the alternating one leg hops which is much harder since you're only using one leg to hop around (This reminds me of that stupid joke about the one legged waitress working at Ihop). Coordination is better too so less times of the rope catching my foot. Now I suck at meditating but I somehow can jump rope while my are eyes closed and I can mentally disappear and almost forget I'm jumping rope. It's a weird thing I know. Maybe in my former life, I used to be that dog that's kicking his feet while asleep.

No longer upset at blue Faye. Hate is not my thing and I don't need that negative stuff in my life. I wish her well with her life and her latex :)