from my heart
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2019-12-12 15:36:37 (UTC)

wishing somebody out there could understand me

10:36 am
floating - alina baraz, filous, khalid
idky i feel sad again. i got my braces off yesterday so thats nice. i have so much shit to do / study for. i have to study for math... a whole unit i have no clue what im learning abt for a test tmr, a psychology test and write notes for that class, and biology.. finishing missing assignments and studying for a quiz / assessment tmr.

i dont know what i want in this life and i want to be happy but i hate the fact that sometimes ill get sad out of nowhere and i dno what to do anymore. i wish i could just cry to be honest. it feels so sad to me because i honestly feel all alone in this world. i guess i dont really feel lonely?? cause i do hve people to talk to etc but i guess i never really feel understood and i wish there was somebody out there who could understand how i feel but u know sometimes i dont even understand myself

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