London Life
2019-12-11 23:04:28 (UTC)

Happy Face

Stayed over after the game last night, but it was too wet and cold to do a run, so the only thing I did, apart from watch the match, was go to a really nice vegan/vegetarian Indian place I'd been to before. It was my third stopover without Jack in the last two weeks. The hotel room I was in, was very high-ceilinged, it was originally a front room I think.

When I got back this afternoon I sorted out my sexy stuff for Friday, knowing that leaving it until the night often leaves me unable to find the right gloves, mask, stockings or even safety pins. Also had to clean the kitchen ready for the new fridge arriving tomorrow.

In the evening, we helped decorate the community centre. I wasn't in the chattiest of moods until we were on our way back afterwards, and on our way to the pizza, when I got to chat to the ever-gorgeous Freya, about films and immersive theatre - she's seen such a version of Peter Pan.

Jack helped me with the vegan pizza order - I wasn't sure what I'd put on the form. I was next to CJ and the French girl Isabella, both of whom I signed up to the WhatsApp group. Jack was talking to Freya, and also CJ about the Election. She's helping in Harrow tomorrow. Rosie had a lovely thank you card for Ben, properly printed with a picture of all of us on the front, and added Christmassy bits. I kissed Rachel as I won't see her until the new year, I can't let Alex have her all to himself.