from my heart
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2019-12-11 12:48:19 (UTC)

trying not to get led on ig

7:49 am
im getting my braces off today!!!! its crazy !!!!! im excited!!! scared.. to see how i will look with out braces cause im so used to it. i hope i dont look ugly haha. imagine getting braces and then being scared of being ugly when its taken off..

this dude, his name is cash and idk y but we called for 4 hrs last night and it was fun. idk why he wanna talk to me but he did and it was interesting and he said lets call again today. he is so straightforward and telling me how he wanna edate (xd) but u know im just thinking how much of a fuccboi he must be

i should probably just be friends w him and take things very lightly bc istg when things start to become serious in life i feel like its tragic. tragic, real, and sincere.

i think i prefer being goofy and silly and not taking things to seriously although it can be hard because then i wont get hurt, ever.

i also misjudged jinsol and i dont feel any hate for anyone anymore and im glad abt that bc frick!!! ): i really hated myself in that moment of hatred

hate and i dont go well together but so do love and i. as a matter of fact i think that id be closer to hate than love.

idk why but i get attached so easily and it makes me kinda mad at myself but thank god im good at not showing it (sometimes) ?

im not gonna text cash first and im just not gonna give him the attention that everbody fkn gives him!!!!! and gonna treat him same like evrybody fkn else

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