London Life
2019-12-11 10:59:09 (UTC)

The Election

This isn't a presidential election - we're not France or Ireland, but too many floating voters go for the party who's leader they like (or dislike least), rather than take any interest in policies. Stories about a child refugee dead on a beach, or long-standing UK citizens being told they have to leave because they haven't got the right paperwork, have caused a stir for a few days but are then forgotten. People don't relate cuts in public services (or previous improvements) and the gig economy, to who's in Government.

The Conservatives have become the new UKIP, and are dangerously threatening a constitutional review, probably aimed at the neutral institutions and rule-enforcers they've accused of being biased. We're heading for the type of leadership they've got in Hungary, Poland, India, the USA and Brazil. But one man who's got 1600million pounds he will never be able to spend, says he is "afraid" of Labour getting in.

Politicians used to deceive without lying. But since the referendum, the Right know they can dish out blatant lies and a lot of people don't care. Underlying it all is the ludicrous system where a party can get 33% of the vote and achieve dictatorial power. But the EU vote has emphasised a new division between people in the South-East and big cities, and those in small towns, so the way the seats will be distributed is unpredictable.