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2019-12-11 10:06:32 (UTC)

Trying New Things - Entry #1

Browsing the net trying to find a "digital diary" of sorts, I stumbled onto this. Figured I would try it out. Kind of funny though now that I think about it. How I got to this point of looking online for a diary or jornal of sorts. It started as just trying to find a better program to use with my linux system. So now I sit here doing this instead of what I was originally doing, working on getting more games working on my linux system and listening to my Electric Mixer. Go figure. Welcome to the whirlwind of my mind. I've went through so many linux distros that I was about to just give up completely and say screw it. But then I found this distro that so far I actually seem to be liking. Started with a newer version of it, but now I've fallen back to an older version. Which works out fine since its an LTS version. Main reason I have fallen back to this version is because it has more 32-bit support for my older games. So far it seems to be working better. But we shall see. Anyways, I think im off for now.

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