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2019-12-10 23:56:39 (UTC)

Got a call from you know whom

So Faye called. I was pissed!! What does this psycho want now? So I answered the phone. She asked me when I last got tested. I said what the hell and why? She's the one with the genital warts issue and not me. I'm not the type of guy that hangs up on people because that's pretty childish but man oh man!!! I was ready to hang up on her. She knew I was pissed so she backed off and said that she was not feeling good down there after we had sex. I told her it's not me and not my problem because I was wearing protection and I had my Johnson through my briefs so not much skin to skin contact down there. I was so mad.

She finally asked what were my condoms made of because she's allergic to latex. Got home, called her after looking at the box and confirmed it was indeed latex. She was relieved because she knows she is allergic to latex and that is what she is experiencing. Well, I was thinking to myself I hope she feels like it's needles when she pees. lol. jk

I think this was her way of doing an indirect direct contact. I know this trick. My friends also informed me she will try another manipulative move and it came forth. So now she wants to talk. Whatever. She says she is afraid of me now and afraid of meeting me now. I'm no idiot. I know she might have this recorded and make it seem like I raped her or at least I know it's a possibility. So instead, I told her not to worry because she won't be seeing me anymore so no need to be afraid of anything. Just don't call or contact me and it'll be the end of that. That's what I told her.

She tried to explain how she builds her relationships of friends first and let the build of romance develop then the chance for intimacy will come in. Ugh...sorry, I'm not buying this again. I see where she was coming from but why would I want a relationship with someone that is already loony at the beginning stages? I'm sure it will be way worse later on. And to be honest... I know this sounds mean because it's not Faye's fault but would I want to keep having sex with a rubber my entire relationship with someone? I'm sorry but now that I think about it, I don't think so.

That's her problem. She explained how she wants her romantic life to build in her way? Well , good luck with that too. I'm not biting and I'm done with psychos. Guess what? She even kindly suggested that I should seek a psychologist or whatever. Sure thing, after meeting someone like her who would not need one?

So I pretty much said a lot of yeah yeah. Didn't want to fight because who wins really? She still wants to go out and do stuff with me. Can you believe that? Not happening of course. You can only fool me so many times before shit sinks in you know? And now I know. No wonder she's not with anyone. She is cute but her nuttiness is keeping her single. She must be desperate or lonely because she even said she can overlook our age difference now. Oh well thank effing you very much for 'allowing' that to be ok! haha. She again said she wished I was 10 years younger. Well no matter. She isn't the healthiest person around anyway. I could easily outlive her.

That was my weird night. Life sure is strange sometimes.