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me and my life
2019-12-10 21:03:40 (UTC)

Bad bad phase

The phase I'm in is my worst phase of life. I'm soon going to turn 30, have no job, have no fin security and having problems in getting married.
Strangely m not worried, I mean i am but i want to handle this all maturely. I dnt wanna freak out or to be depressed all time. I guess things will be fine soon.
Monku and I are not talking, I'm not talking to him. Coz he hasn't yet told his parents about mumbai wedding. He had gone to bhopal and still haven't been able to convince his family about him. He has no courage to confront them. And say bhopal wedding is not possible as my parents cannot travel there so is my sis as she ja pregger. It has been 2 yrs now the topic is same n it's just fucking my mind. They are just testing the patience.
I m talking to monku saying we cannot take this further just to give him realization of seriousness of this. Let's see does he undertor not. Mom is at sis place to spend time with sis and get some. Break from everyday and me at home to tc of dad.

Just having faith in God.
Cya gn