London Life
2019-12-09 16:38:56 (UTC)

She wishes her boyfriend was like me

At work I was really not enjoying having to do tedious letters, and not even getting them right because they’re too boring to concentrate on. But I got a magazine article finished and sent off - I need to do two more this week because of holiday deadlines. Abi made a rare appearance in London, showing off a well-presented cleavage as a bonus to her usual beauty.

Elina was working from home and said to me “I’m having a personal crisis Lisa. You can’t be off work” [as I am the next two days]. She gave her boyfriend an ultimatum - "there comes a point where I have to ask myself what I’m getting from this relationship and the answer is nothing" she said to him - and he’s turned his phone off!

After a fashion correspondent said in the Guardian that hemlines had fallen since 2013, I did a count at Vegan 2019 the other night. The score was: Skirts/dresses covering the knee: 1. Skirts/dresses at least 5cm above the knee: EVERY OTHER skirt or dress (so many I lost count). And long may it continue.

After work we were planning to head for Van Gogh in Brixton, but thought we'd better check, and indeed it's closed on Mondays. So we headed for Hackney - there were Arsenal fans on the train heading for West Ham - and had a meal at the Black Cat.

Got the bus home, where Jack played around with the new broadband box and has now got it re-connected to our phones and my work laptop - but not the PC which may just be too old. I'm still taking my work laptop home every day, hoping my keys (including my work drawer key) might turn up at home somewhere - which is where I last had them.

Elina's boyfriend hasn't replied - she now says, she wished he was more like me! "Life would be a lot easier", she said, which was lovely of her, but men are much more likely to struggle with expressing feelings.

We had another beautiful sofa hug, but I'd eaten a big baguette to use mushrooms and tomatoes which might have gone off in our broken fridge. Had trouble sleeping, maybe because of the food, but it could be that the Europe 1950-2017 book isn't as good for late night reading (this bit was about the UK and France getting rid of their empires). So I looked at sexy pictures for a bit.