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2019-12-09 19:58:21 (UTC)

Getting off of my sorry ass and starting all over again

Ok, groveling in the dirt isn't going to make my life any better. Today, I hit the gym hard. Did some extra jump roping 1/2 hr before class and 1/2 hr after class. I killed it. I was lighter than my normal days so I was flying. My jump rope is a speed rope so you'd hear the rope swooshing or whatever sound it makes going through the air. When there wasn't any music playing you can clearly hear it across our gym. IfI felt any anxiety, I went faster and harder. Did multiple double-ups and didn't skip a beat. alternating one foot hops and it was all good. Felt like a perfect storm for the gym. Lighter from the divorce diet and stronger due to my weight being ideal.

Got home and feel wonderful. My stray cat found me and I petter her for a bit before I gave her a can of cat food. My loony-roomy is behaving. House is not in bad shape cleanliness-wise. So it's all good considering my drama.

All I can do now is work on myself again. Get back that dude that was happy when he woke up in the morning and when he is going to bed. I will not call, contact, stalk Faye's social media. I deleted her phone number and I never knew her email so there's that. That's as good as I can do for now

I'm suddenly into tea. I bought so many from Canada so I have a plethora of tea to taste. So in lieu of wine, I'm drinking a lot of tea. Which I guess is a good thing for me to do. But it also means I am peeing like there's no tomorrow. haha.

Still not sure if I should go to the formal dinner. One part of me don't want the drama of Faye possibly being there. The other part of me says F-U. Not hiding or running from my life just because of her. Still undecided. I just want to make sure I don't hurt myself emotionally.

For now, I"m just going to enjoy drinking my well deserved Canadian too. I'm liking the maple ice wine. Pretty good on a cold day like today.

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