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2019-12-09 21:56:20 (UTC)

In a Mood

Life today, across the world, is a goddamn train wreck. The worst part of it, as I can see it, is that it's been this way since the dawn of civilization.

I just finished re-reading _All Quiet on the Western Front_, and I'm in a mood.

I feel so sad at times for future generations. We're all slaves of sociopaths who just don't care about anything not right in front of their face. We're fumbling round, doing the best we can, in a hellscape. And some days, the only thing to keep us from complete surrender to the despair is a cup of hot chocolate. It's pain, it's fear, it's compassion, it's absurdity, it's powerlessness, it's yearning, it's futility, it's compulsion, it's routine, it's romantic, it's safety, it's courage.

Why am I writing this?