from my heart
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2019-12-09 17:53:34 (UTC)


12:52 pm
my morning started off with the terrible feelings from yesterday but i was able to brush those feelings off and feel good again because i was able to remind myself that today is a new day and i can decide to make today a good day or not depending on how i choose to think/mindset. but holy fuck, as time passes by it keeps getting worse and worse.

i dont know why i care so much about being of importance or having attention. i dont know why i suddenly care to the point where its making me sad and upset. i want to not care but i cant help but care. i cant help but think about so much useless thoughts.

i wish i could stop caring about things that arent worth caring about. it was okay in the morning but then it keeps getting worse and worse.

im tired of posting things and having this girl always message me about her sadness and trying to relate or something whatever u call it. a part of me wants to disappear so badly because i dont want to be around people because i feel so bad.

my unhealthy ways of thinking always seems to creep back into my thoughts and i dont know how to make it stop. i want to be okay but its so hard. i give up on trying to be positive and happy because im not. im not happy and im not okay. im tired and sleepy and i feel like shit.