from my heart
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2019-12-09 04:52:34 (UTC)

im sad

11:52 pm

what fucking ever. im so sad and my stomach doesnt feel good at all.

ugh i dont even want to speak abt what im sad abt because i feel so tired and sad. i just feel like im easily replaceable and i feel so sad and idk what to do. i want to feel ok but im not and im seriously contemplating cutting myself because i feel so shit.

why couldnt he just tell me no. i probably wouldve been sad if he said no but its better than not saying either no or yes. like i ask him if he wanted to call and he just ignored the question until i asked again and he said idk. ???? ok

and now im just i feel so fucking done with life tbh lol. i want to cry and i should just avoid everyone in my life. ugh. im so sad. im so sad.

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