London Life
2019-12-08 16:27:32 (UTC)

Wet in Weston - meeting sweetie Sarah after 17 years

Slept well in the B&B until waking at 7. There were 3 others at breakfast, all blokes, didn't look as if they were doing the race. I had my own soya milk for the cereal and ordered baked beans and hash browns. "Just that" the woman said, but I didn't want more before the race anyway.

At the station I met Paul, Dani and a bloke called Andy (who remembered me from the Bath weekend) , who'd all arrived from Bristol. I chatted to Dani, who I always chat easily to, and Andy. We went to the hotel HQ, then to the Wetherspoons where I had another espresso (to avoid being caught short in the race). Had to wait while Julie brought me a costume, which I wore with fishnet tights, and I was in a rush going back to drop my baggage. We then had to wait anyway for the lovely Chloe.

In the end we had plenty of time. The race was in fact more sand than path, despite what we'd heard. After doing a loop, where I saw Andy coming the other way, we went on what seemed a never-ending beach part, past a hill in the sea, before turning into town past a little castle on a small hill. I got a much nicer impression of Weston-super-Mare than when I briefly stopped here with Jack on my way to Cheddar.

It actually wasn't too hot with my costume, in fact I was glad I'd got it, later. After I finished, soon found Matt, Chloe and some others, then my old email penpal Sarah came up to me and said hello! It used to cheer me up in the morning getting her sweet little messages. I wrote recently to say I was coming her way and surprisingly she asked if I was doing the run. Turns out her dad is the chairman of the club that organises the race! I gave her a proper kiss this time.

She seemed to want to stay with me, and we lost the others. There seemed to be a massive queue for the baggage, and I was really cold but we eventually realised that queue was for medals and T-shirts, which are usually handed out at the finish.

We found Matt and went to talk to Sarah's dad. She took me to the pizza place where we were going for a meal, dodging hailstones as we went. Unfortunately by this time everyone else was already sitting, so I was stuck at one end. Alice is lovely (she seems to have paired off with Richard) but I wished I was in the middle, so I could talk to more people, especially the wonderful Chloe who makes my heart skip a beat, and who I only talked to briefly walking down to the beach.

The weather was too horrible to see if they were still giving out medals (I hadn't picked up mine) . Got on a train which wasn't leaving for 20 minutes then realised I'd left my phone in the station. But I went back and they'd picked it up (and phoned Jack's number off the back). Which was lucky as my ticket to London was on it.