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2019-12-07 22:53:47 (UTC)

Sad Day

Well, we had to take our dogs to the pound because they kept terrorizing the neighbors and my uncle said he couldn't handle them anymore and I couldn't even say goodbye to him because I was stuck at work. And I'm still sad just even thinking about him but I hope he finds a home where someone takes good care of him like I did. I didn't wanna give him away. I really didn't. 😔

My mom said one of her friends dog just had puppies and said that I can have one of the girls but I don't know I think it's to soon although I would love to have one. It's just I've had my dog for 5 years and I would never think about giving him away. Maybe I could just go up to the pound to see how he's doing just to take a look around. It's crazy that we can't even do that. Another dog gone. 🙁🙁🙁.

And then what's even worse is that I worked with Mike this morning and he got mad because I messed up an order and switched me over to the fry station because of it and the fact that he kept bringing it up and was trying to send me home because I kept saying okay is stupid so hey their goes my day.

I cried my eyes out in the car when my mom told me the news. They had pictures but I wanted to actually hold him for one last time but I can't even do that anymore. Pictures jusr aren't the same.

First, the guy that I thought liked me broke up with me and we haven't been dating for that long blockes me without a reason and now this.

What a sad day it is for me....

Mood : Very sad maybe depressed even.

- A

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