London Life
2019-12-07 23:05:27 (UTC)

Hungover, planting daffodils , train to the West Country

Woke up with a headache after last night's party, couldn't find any pills so just stayed on the bed looking at sexy girls on my phone, until Jack woke up and we had a hug. So I didn't go to Rob's run at Finsbury Park, which probably would have cured my hangover. Left with Jack and did some community work, planting bulbs at Russell Square.

I got there early and was sitting there for ages waiting for Ben to arrive, then texted him and he said "I'm here". Got two buses to the match, but the second one was held up in traffic, I had to get off and walk, and only just got there in time. It was a good match, spoilt at the end by poor refereeing.

Rushed to Paddington, getting a great view of a girl's legs as she climbed the tube steps ahead of me in a tiny skirt, I could see the top of her thighs touching. Just had time to get a Leon meal and a coffee before getting the train to Weston-Super-Mare.

I'm in another cheap little B&B, not en-suite and I've already done my "daring" bra-and-thong walk to the bathroom, the length of the hotel this time. But the traffic outside is noisy.