London Life
2019-12-07 22:30:13 (UTC)

Party time

Friday 06/12/2019
Thursday ended with a really lovely hug on the sofa, as Jack got on top of me and smothered me with his body. Woke up early on Friday and got into work for 8:20. Had a hassle-free day doing the Top 100. Had time to incorporate local radio airplay for the first time in a while, resulting in a record-long chart of 1075 tracks.

Elina arrived at lunch time and asked if I was on the 5th floor. I said I was at the station (picking up tomorrow's train tickets). I said I'd got in at 8:20, she said "that's not a reason" and told me to come down so at least we'd spend some time together. But I was leaving at 4 with Jack, to take my laptop home, get my costume on and spend some time with him before the event.

After almost getting off the train to go to the Loving Hut, remembering for once, just in time, that it opens at 6, we looked for a restaurant he'd found in Finchley, but the address he had, was just someone's house. The restaurant was only stated as "vegan-friendly" anyway, it served meat. So I said, let's go towards the party venue and see what we can find to eat.

In the end, we had vegan burgers (falafel) at the sort of old-fashioned cafe that usually closes by 18:00. I never ate burgers until I became vegan, and I've got no idea how to eat them without all the stuff oozing out all over my fingers.

Jack has found out about the fridge not working. One of the meals I made for him had gone rancid. So we've got a new one coming next week, only about £360.

I was a bit nervous at the start of the party. Polly had come all the way from the South coast, but not many of the people she used to know turned up. Steve, Frances, Tom and of course Paul would have been certs in past years. Early on I spoke to Polly, who I didn't notice was pregnant, also a new bloke, Alfie, the bloke from Leeds, Saba who I hadn't met before, but who's dress was so short you could see her side-bum when she sat down, and Catriona. I drunk a lot though, despite a water as my second drink, and I'm not sure what I talked about all evening.

The Alexes were there, the two Abis (green pixie shorts /black skirt) , Rachel (sexy mini-dress), Katie, (short dress), Claire (sexy mini-skirt), Mumtaz (revealing dress), Julie (very short dress), Nurjehan (also in a short Father Christmas dress), Patrick, Dharmesh, Caz (short dress), Charlotte, Jacqui, the lovely Frances C, Danny, Lenka and her boyfriend, Meredith, Sally, Damian, Steve L, Aidan, Fiona, Dom who I was avoiding, Liz M, Paul from Barnet, Beth S (pigs in blankets) and P. Julie gave me a hug but didn't really speak to me - I thought earlier in the year we were special friends. Jack said I kept repeating myself when I got home.