Diary of A Depressed Author
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2019-12-06 15:18:23 (UTC)


I just finished my stupid fourth chapter. I'm still supposed to be doing this project or something in Sikes' History but honestly that can just shut up can't it

I also happened to give a link to this diary. I don't know why. Maybe I just felt like it. Only a few people have read it so far, and that's okay. There's this website out there called Swoon Reads, where you upload your manuscripts and stuff. I want to publish my book on there once I finish it. I've got a lot of super exciting plans for All Stars Bright And Beautiful (i love the name btw, good job on my part lol) and lots to do with it. I also have to begin planning for the next chapter of my YOI fanfiction. If you haven't looked at the website archiveofourown.org and seen the screen of just how many fanfictions there are, then you probably don't know what I'm talking about.

When you actually make a fanfiction and people start reading it on there for real, to the point where people are commenting on it and asking to see more--then that's when you know you have to take it seriously. So this weekend when I go to my dad's house I'm going to download a couple episodes of anime and then work all weekend.

Last weekend, I spent five days there while my family was out in a cabin in Illinois, and I spent the whole time typing on my Chromebook in the recliner. I didn't eat much, and spent most of the time planning and writing my stories. I didn't procrastinate and made three chapters (all roughly 5000 words, I believe).

It was tough work. And now I'm at the fifth chapter. IT'S GETTING SPICY YALL

I'm going to my dad's workplace tomorrow. He works as a guitar tech at a music store, and is literally an expert on guitars. So I'm going to have a busy day...

Best wishes,
Your local retard