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2019-12-06 15:17:21 (UTC)

Poems I made for my Feelings

Let’s not fall in love.
Not again.
Not today.
I need to try not too
But it’s too easy..
Too easy to love you
Too easy to get hurt
It’s easy for me to fall in love,
But will you be there to catch me?
I hope so,
I can’t hold out much longer…
Can’t hide how much I want to tell you,
I love you.
I need you..
But you will never know.
So here I wait, hoping
and praying
That one day you’ll love me like I love you.
But you won’t.
Why is that?
How do I know?
I just do.

Guys, remember you are loved. Someone out there needs you. If you ever consider hurting yourself, or taking your life… Please tell someone. You are so much more important than you know.. Trust me on that one. Someone out there loves you, wants the best for you, might even depend on you to keep them alive.

If you ever think one of your friends are hurting, do not hesitate. Talk to them. Tell them about how much you love them, cherish them, need them. It might be what keeps them alive. It might be what keeps them from making that fatal cut. Please. You never truly know someone is hurting until something happens. Sometimes, the ones that smile brightest are actually the saddest. Or the ones that are the most social are actually the most lonely. The one who doesn’t talk about her feelings could be the one who has too many and just can’t handle them anymore. Ask them everyday how they are. Remind them every time you say “goodbye” how much they mean to you. Make sure they know. Otherwise.. They might feel like they have no one and them... vanishing is the only option.
When your friend is gone is when you truly need them…
Take it from me.

I missed my chance to save my friend.
Don't miss yours