Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2019-12-06 04:46:10 (UTC)

Smooth Day

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Work was busy and challenging, but that made it fun, knocking out the increased number of holiday orders and special projects that kept coming our way. We took'em sll out. Nothing for anyone to bitch about. Didn't have much contact with obnoxious females so that probably made the day go by all the more smoothly. Not that they would have been capable of getting me down. I mean, look at'em. Oh, noticed the other day when we were out shoveling snow that there wasn't a single female out there doing her share. As I was outside shoveling I said this aloud to myself joking along with 'so much for equality', and I guess the simulation magically spawned a female within the vicinity (who wasn't shoveling but rather putting salt down instead, lul) and I guess they must've heard me because they went inside. Aww, someone didn't like my comment? I could've chalked it up to a female being sensible enough to realize that she couldn't win that argument, so she ran away, but let's be real. It was just them being 'them'. What else is new? Good job proving me right. Sure showed me in your typical, passive aggressive female fashion. It reminded me of that time we had a hair drive for kids with cancer and only the males had signed up to volunteer. Not a single female wanted to volunteer, but they teased and egged on the guys to do it, not that they had any problems doing it. Pick and choose their battles I guess, when it's easy and requires little to no sacrifice on their end, even if it's for a bunch of kids. But they'll bitch about things like not being represented in movies, comics and other media. Then talk about equality bringing up things that didn't happen to them, just to make themselves look important, or like they're genuinely fairing for equality when it's more about attention, validation and the adulation of being empowered for nothing else other than being a female...just as long as they don't have to inconvenience themselves too much. Lol, and didn't count if you had to shovel because you're single or living alone, btw.
Anyway, it was another good day. There was even a very nice female I encountered when getting some pizza that night. And she wasn't just pretending like most of you 'frightened animals' do, or saw me as a threatening criminal the second I walked in; it was a glimpse of legit, genuine human female for once. It had been roughly 6 or 7 months since that last happened? Rare siting indeed from their kind, and overall was the end to a really good day.