Diary of A Depressed Author
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2019-12-05 23:00:44 (UTC)

how my day went

So for gym I just pretended I didn't have clothes and they make you walk up and down the stairs the whole time. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN RUNNING AND PLAYING AND GETTING ALL SWEATY, OMG

I'm currently sitting in my room waiting for my parents to come home. After two weeks of living in this new house, I haven't even unpacked my boxes yet. But I just had to go fill my empty shelves with my stuff--jamaican shells, stuffed animals, my garfield doll from 1987, my collection of books ive stolen over the years from various teachers, and most of all a bunch of other shit. Ichiko Aoba is playing on my tablet, and I'm about to watch The Betrayal Knows My Name on this chromebook. IM ALL FOR THE BOYS KISSIN, YALL

Lol, I wonder when I got to be so stupid. The ways that I've acted and written about kind of damage my reputation as a depressed author.

But even when people burst out laughing and smile and do stupid things, they can still be depressed. They can still be hurting deep inside--some people are better at hiding that than others. Me? Oh, I'm a goddamn professional. You won't find out a damn thing from me if you tried. Don't even think about it.

I'm trying to train my cat Jenny how to watch TV with me on the laptop, but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful. All she does is stare at the people on screen for a few seconds before sneezing again. But Jenny also does this thing where she sits on my shoulder--like literally just sits on it and watches things with me or just sleeps. It's the dumbest thing.

I'm gonna go watch TV. I'm also going to have an anime marathon tonight, including the these four titles:

Yuri on Ice (mmmm yes) Hetalia: World Series (gerita ftw) The Betrayal Knows My Name (KISS! NOW!) and Kill la Kill (SENKETSU!)

Best wishes,
Your local retard