London Life
2019-12-05 15:13:34 (UTC)

Sexy politicians!

Elina’s boss made her sit downstairs, but we went to lunch anyway. She told me “we need to spend some time together today” which was sweet. We found a new little food place which did a “special offer” vegan sourbread halloumi thing, plus soup, for £5. We chatted to the ladies running it; they do alternative flavour coffees as well.

I had been going to see our niece sing carols in Guildford, but all the tickets had been sold, though Jack went with his sister. I signed up for the work Christmas meal, even though we might have to play “fun” games after the Wagamama meal, and I could have taken the day off for a run leaders’ course. It was a relaxed day, I was progressing with the Top 100, but need to get going on some writing, to meet holiday deadlines.

Looking at the NATO summit line-up, nestling among all the men in suits was a rather sexy Slovakian leader, she looked great for 46 anyway. And Jo Swinson, who’s 39, pleasingly wore very high stack heels for her BBC leaders interview. Apparently she nearly had the chance to go topless for a Lads Mag a few years ago. She has indeed got desirable breasts, which she shows off well by the style of dresses she wears, though she’s a bit chubby now. Not that I’d vote for her party, even if she showed meher boobs.

I skim-read a running-tips book that Jack’s half-sister got me. It got off to a bad start, having the word “poop” in the title, which the author actually finds funny. Also, it's from the USA, so as well as the cultural differences, many words used mean nothing to me, or had a different meaning to the UK one.

Did a run through the lovely streets of Barnsbury, then got ready for my weekend trip to Weston Super Mare. Wrote to my sweetie former "pen pal" who lives there, it was like old times as we exchanged a few messages. We used to email each other every day before we'd ever met, we only ever had one brief encounter in real life.

Listened to Radio 1, they played a track from Young T & Buggsey, in which Headie One says "I wanted to put Tottenham on the map". Surely the football team did that years ago. Also I spent some time looking at old football programmes.