Diary of A Depressed Author
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2019-12-05 14:53:35 (UTC)

5/12/19 post

To be honest, I'm actually in class right now, supposed to be working on some project about Irish Americans. But really, who wants to do that when you can be on here... writing about your life... am I right??

Probably not.

To let you in on some things about my school: I have this person in a few of my classes who's like six feet tall and has a full-grown beard. Occasionally, if you go in the hallway after lunch at the right time, there's a kid who'll yell "PENIS" really loudly for your enjoyment. The food here is slightly better than a bucket of vomit, and I have to bring my own lunch. At lunch there's this girl with a nose ring who sits in this other girls lap for seemingly no reason

Welcome to hell

I was seriously hoping that I would just not go today--on tuesdays and thursdays we have P.E. Health in on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Fridays we just play a game in the other gym with the boys. But on P.E. days, we have to get with a partner and run around the gym twice for ten minutes without stopping. Of course, you can walk for a little bit every once and awhile, to catch your breath, but you always have to keep running. It's very annoying, and it always makes every limb in my body hurt.

I'm currently writing a story called All Stars Bright and Beautiful on this website called writerscafe.org. I used that website because all the other ones looked so... fancy. And writerscafe is full of these poets and creative artists. It's much better than having to read a bunch of weird-ass Omegaverse werewolf garbage that's all the same.

I have to complete chapter four, but I have recently discovered an anime called... well, something like The Betrayal Knows My Name or something at least like that. All I'm looking for is the shounen-ai... XD

Gerita and Victuuri ftw.

Unfortunately the website I'm using for anime doesn't have organized episodes of Hetalia. (aka the show where all the countries are people and it's the funniest shit ive ever seen) So every time I log in it's very confusing to find the next episode. It's very annoying.

I suppose now I have to go play a bunch of songs on my clarinet. Will probably write later, I do not know.

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