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2019-12-04 23:12:57 (UTC)

Doing my life rounds

Gonna babble and post multiple topics.

Lately, I've been so full of just me, I forgot to check on my friends. My dear Canadian friend seems to be healing quickly or at least I hope so from her surgery. Nothing a little Ice wine can't take care of. My other friend Susan who's dad passed away is with family doing their normal scheduled trip to Disneyland. Glad she's there to forget about life for awhile. She needs it.

Checked on my friend Jenny and she is still reeling with the passing of her good friend. Our friend. Still can't talk about that one but Jenny pretty much thinks like me and we have the same thoughts and reactions when we see something stupid someone posts FB. She also is dealing with the end of the road with her boyfriend. She knows he's no good but can't seem to part ways due to her friend passing and she needs someone to lean on. I'm guessing she feels very vulnerable. All I can do is be supportive and help her when she asks. That's why I babysat her kiddos for a few days not too long ago. She isn't doing well but at least I was able to speak to her for her to unload her grief on me. She just needed someone to listen and that's what I did.

I spoke to a few friends about Faye. Most of them think I shouldn't go see her on Friday. Even my Canadian friend says the same thing. I told them she hates me because of that time we were intimate so no worries, I'm just now agreeing to not want a romantic relationship and I'm also going to reject being her friend as she asked because she says she still enjoys talking to me. Well, multiple friends has said that she still wants to sleep with me. I don't see it. I think she's mad at me now as she said she was upset after we did what we did so I really don't see her wanting me much less wanting to sleep with me anymore. Nor do I want to sleep with her now. Anyway, I think I deserve better so that's not going to happen. I am parting ways as a romantic and as a friend. Zero, nada, zilch. I just gotta get those stupid shirts off of her so she don't bug me anymore about how her culture "must" return things borrowed. That should be the last and final tie with Faye. Friday should be the end of all that crap. FYI, she didn't borrow my shirts.

I just need to stay strong. I feel I'm seeing the big picture better today and I don't like the current situation I'm in so I will fix it shortly. I know I'm doing the right thing even though I have to admit that it's not the greatest feeling in the world to be doing the right thing but do it I must. Then I can forget about this distraction and keep self improving. One thing I did learn from this is that I do need to keep my bedroom clean. haha. And it has been clean and renovated somewhat since it was suggested so there is that I can be thankful for or acknowledge that I learned to do.

Let's see. My asscheeks still hurt from the workout we did a couple days ago. I mean really sore. Usually it's my bicep, hamstrings, or quads. Nope, not this time. I test myself. I sort of grab either cheek of my butt and it feels so sore and I'm laughing at the same time because I realize I'm wincing from squeezing and how stupid it is to be grabbing my own butt.

Sometimes we have special events at our gym and it's a themed type of clothing we do. So sometimes I dress up as spiderman. Got the mask and the shirt. No pants but I do have this spandex 1/2 pants thingy that I wear. Maybe when we have another superhero event, I'll take a pic of myself and post it here. Or maybe just my butt. It better be toning more because it hurts to sit. lol. All my other parts seem ok. Core usually hurts but not lately. Quads and hamstrings have been behaving. So it's all good with the one exception.

Work has been busy. Forgot to tell you folks that this coming summer, I think I'll be getting a raise. Ballpark it'll be like an $8,000 raise for the year. Cha-effing-ching. So thankful that I have this job.

I beamed at today's meeting with a dept that needed Amazon Cloud connected to us. I rocked it (patting myself on my back). I got this project well under control. Gotta be careful the dweebs that don't do anything try to pretend like they are doing any of the work I'm doing.

Oh yeah, I just remembered. I checked on my Superstar friend. I forgot to mention it but she is doing good in Mexico. Probably built an entire Christian village by now :) She is awesome. Always happy and always in a good mood. She is a light for sure. Can't wait for her to be back at the gym again. We always turn it into playtime as adults. Sometimes we are laughing so hard while we're working out, the one hr class feels like only 5 minutes has gone by. She's coming back this month mid-month sometime.

That's all my rambling mind has for tonight. Friday is my new D-day so until then, it's gonna be nonchalant posts like tonight.
One final thing. When I was in Canada last month, I bought earrings for Faye. We both like the color red and I bought a pair that looks like roses from Canada's Buchart Gardens. Well, Faye doesn't deserve it now so I'm not giving it to her this Friday. I learned, you don't reward bad behavior. I'm sure I can give it instead to one of my female pals.

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