London Life
2019-12-04 16:40:10 (UTC)

Sam Mendes film '1917' / Mark Watson / Something smelt off

Mark Watson was great last night, the kind of comedian who's funny in everything he says, just the way he expresses himself. Support Darren Harriot, from the Black Country, had a few good moments but the other supports and the compere were very poor, and were not talking about things I could identify with. But we had a lovely moonlit walk along the canal afterwards.

Sat with Elina all day today, we were chatting constantly. I planned to take her out to lunch, but Jack phoned, wanting to take me out. So I texted Elina (who was in a meeting) to say I’d meet her later, at 12:50. Went to Ravenna with Jack, sitting by the window, then he went off to get me a bike tyre. I went back to the office to pick up Elina, but she was late as she was arguing with her boyfriend by text. She took me to the upmarket pizza place – I promised to go to a sit-down meal with her there some time.

Later, we both went to get our new work pass photos done – she’d put on gold eye shadow, and done a beautiful job on her eyelashes. But we then missed the photographer at the security room by a minute or two.

Jack found out we could get £10 tickets to the premiere of a Sam Mendes film, called 1917, at Leicester Square, so I cancelled my communal gardening task. (Liz asked me where I was going instead). After a great walk from the office and to the old parts of Covent Garden, Jack got around to checking his booking, which he saw to his horror said "no jeans". Jack was wearing not only jeans, but trainers! He thought he might have to go home and change. At least I had a smart black dress on and had better make-up than usual, for my work pass photo.

However, when we picked up the tickets, they said we'd be all right. We had a snack in our favourite Egyptian street-food place, Koshari Street, which seems to have been revamped, and managed to avoid the girls screaming at actors as they entered the cinema. I wish I'd have known this morning that we were going, I could have worn my sparkly little dress ( something to cover the shoulders! ).

The film is brilliant. Incredibly it was shot in one take with one camera following the actors, despite taking in two lots of trenches, fields, woods, river rapids, a waterfall and even a blazing aeroplane coming towards the camera and crashing. It was a huge screen, where we were watching.

Got the bus home and I took Jack all the stuff he needed for his banana sandwich, so that he doesn't realise the fridge isn't working, though he did say something smelt off. This reminded me of husbands in the 1950s who apparently never went in their wife's kitchen. The inside of the fridge actually seems warmer than the rest of the room, so I've put our remaining lunches behind the curtain in the spare bedroom. which is very cold at the moment.

There's been an odd lull in the election campaign. There's been a NATO summit where the Prime Minister was trying to avoid meeting, or being endorsed by, the USA president. There is a worrying feeling that Leave voters are putting that issue above everything else.