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2019-12-04 18:41:27 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
So with Thanksgiving officially over...it is time to focus on Christmas. I have been asked twice today, what do I want for Christmas? The best answer I can give is: nothing. I believe that I have the best gifts already.
1) I have two amazing parents
2) I have great friends
3) I have amazing coworkers and a great job
4) I have a roof over my head
5) I have a car
Everything else is materialistic and nothing I want. I believe family, friends, a job, a car, and a house...all things that are important and make me happy. I understand a gift cad or a vacation or sports tickets or clothing are all wonderful, but my life doesn't need anything new. I just wanna celebrate with family, friends, and my coworkers. Anyway...night all.