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2019-12-03 22:08:34 (UTC)

Home sweet home

I hit another gym class after work. I rocked the hell out of that class. Like I said, when you are full of emotion, you have extra power. Sort of like hitting the turbo button. I lasted longer and went faster on the jump ropes. I was the only one in my group that kept rocking the mary-katherines, fully extending on the row machines, and of course, the wall balls. So I know how to use the pent up frustrations and whatever else crap when you're down and use it as a positive. Yeah baby :)

Then I went home and tried on my new outfits. They look fabulous!!! Putting on a tux I find takes awhile to put on. None of that 3 min deals like normal. Studs, cufflinks, the straps to hold up your pants, the fancy kerchief thingy that you don't use but show out of your pocket, garters. Yes!! Garters to pull your shirt down so it don't look poofy. If you are going to tie your own bowtie, add 20-30 minutes. I got a self bow tie but bought a prettied one just in case. So yeah, reminds me of assembly a Mr. Potato head :)

Now down to some serious thoughts. I'm clearer in thought. Loaded with dopamine so I'm pretty relaxed. I decided to go and meet with Faye to get my stuff. I mean those two shirts only cost me something like 70 bucks so no big deal really. I also will for sure tell her I can't be friends so none of that buddy buddy crap with me. In fact, from all the mean and cruel things she said to me, I don't even want her anymore. Not sure if it's her true side or she is hiding her true feelings under all that denial but the main thing is that I shouldn't have to settle. This is not what I signed up for and I'm not going to try to fix Faye with her wishy-washy attitude and her negative views on most things now. She may be trying to be doing the right thing like she said that last time before we got intimate but no matter. I don't need the mind games.

So this Friday, I've decided not to be her friend and not wanting to be her boyfriend too. I will not be mean to her and will do the cordial hi how are you blah blah blah should we meet again at some party but she don't deserve me. Those hrs that we speak on the phone and time just flies by she don't get anymore. Me holding her hand window shopping at some cute small town she don't get anymore. Flowers? She don't get anymore. Me making her laugh with my silly sometimes stupid remarks? She don't get that anymore. Even the financial benefit of me earring about 112K a year she never had and she never will get to share. And even though she got mad later, the love making that wore her out and she enjoyed 7 times that day, she won't get that from me anymore. So that's my perspective in this.

Besides, sooner or later, we would have slipped up and I would've gotten her genital warts. Also, once you get to be boyfriend girlfriend and know each other more, you don't wear condoms. At least that's what happens with me in the past after we've been seeing each other for awhile. So even if I was an ass and was just using her for sex (which I wasn't), having to permanently wear protection big time. Maybe just maybe this is for the better. Now that I'm thinking a little clearer, it seems to make sense now.

And after this Friday, we won't be seeing each other again anyway. Well, except for sometimes I get invited to this international club events. That's how I met Faye so there may be slightly awkward moments once in a blue moon but I should be able to handle it. So that's going to be that I guess. I got this :) Gym saves lives :)

No good pics of my suits but here's a pic of my backyard right now.

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