London Life
2019-12-03 15:56:04 (UTC)

The hot fridge

Woke up about 05:30 to go to the ladies’ (though I hardly drank last night) and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had to relieve a bit of sexual tension myself, by imagining a hyper-sexual me, because Jack was still asleep. I got up before 7 and found the bus moved more quickly, until we got to The Mall, which was closed for the NATO summit. I had to walk the rest of the way, much nicer without any motor traffic. Huge numbers of police up Tothill Street.

I did some rice this morning and brought in lunches and after-work meals for us both, but the fridge and freezer have stopped working. It’s still on, but the temperature is showing 24 degrees and 22 degrees, rather than -6 and -18 as it should. I’ve got about 12 food portions in there I’ve made, so I hope they survive. I haven’t told Jack the fridge is broken, in case he won’t eat the food I give him.

My manager came and sat almost opposite me, so at least he can’t creep up on me. I had my Top 100 data file to update, but he gave me evaluations to do. I tried to please him by letting them scrape through with an overall pass mark, but surprisingly he lowered my marks. I never thought he even read my evaluations, he seemed to want them to pass.

I was writing to Elina most of the day, about where we’re sitting tomorrow, our new pass photos, famous people I’ve known, work competency reviews, and the election and London/Essex demographics. She’s got a meeting with her manager in the morning, so we won’t even be together for one whole day. So instead of her saying I desert her for my husband (when I go to lunch with him), I said she is deserting me for her manager tomorrow.

Afterwards we went to two talks in Somers Town about "100 years of social housing", one focusing on Somers Town itself, with it's great variety of council housing over different eras, and one more general, including Northern cities. Apparently Vienna was a big influence.

Then we headed for Islington for a comedy night.