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2019-12-02 02:12:25 (UTC)

Another Argument

So this morning I woke up went to school, felt like crap but I'm almost done with the semester. So i got home around 12:05 pm and switched the laundry over, knocked on Keson's door to make sure he was getting ready for work. So he starts looking for clothes and when he's out in the kitchen I am getting ready to clean I ask if Kyla is leaving because I am not comfortable with her being there without him. He said she was leaving unless I wanted her to stay I said no. Kyla gathered everything and Keson walked her out. I told Keson he was going to be late for work he said all his clothes are still wet. As he was waiting for his clothes to dry I asked if he talked to anyone at work informing them of whats going on. He said yeah. So I then asked him, just to be curious and I wanted to know, if Kyla was going to be there every weekend. He said probably most, she is my girlfriend. I told him I didn't want her there every weekend. I don't care if she comes over but i don't want her at my house every single weekend because you want to sleep with her. He got upset and was like but shes my girlfriend why can't i have her over as much as i want. I told him i don't care if she comes over but why does it have to be every weekend. I don't understand why she has to come over here its not like yall dont ever see each other. you go to Pitt almost all of the time. He stopped saying anything and I went to class. Once he got home from work i was in my room trying to sleep as i had work. He refused to say anything to me. I continued to lay there. I hate when we argue because everything just gets worse. We fight and yell and it never ends well. i asked him if he wanted to talk about it and yea said yeah. We sat on the couch and argued i then went to my room. minutes later he barges in my room slamming my door open, raging, runs to my bed and slams his hand next to my head on the pillow. he scares me when hes like this. i become terrified, scared he's actually gonna do something one day. i want to move out so bad, but i cant leave him stranded. I'm not like that. We yell and he wont leave my room. we scream the neighbors can hear us. i flinch when he stretches his hand out. i'm scared of what is gonna happen. i'm scared to find out. I try to get him to leave my room but he is saying we aren't finished. i don't want to finish i want him to leave. i want him away from me. he won't leave. he told me to move out again. i want to so bad but he always apologizes and says he didn't mean it. he doesn't want to go. why does he say it then? it's confusing.