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2019-12-02 22:01:18 (UTC)

Now I'm confused

Dang it!! I was doing ok! Now this crap comes in and confuses the heck out of me. Now I'm a little indecisive. What is best for my well being? Freaking Faye. Her reaching out to me now is not the best timing. I did what I was supposed to. Left her alone with her life. Didn't call text, or any social media contact at all. I was doing my thing. Now she's calling me for a couple of stupid shirts? Now she wants to meet for dinner with but also wants to be in a public place? It's either you want me or don't want me dumb dumb.

I'm pulling a lifeline and contacting my Superstar friend. She always seems to be able to make me smile. All I know is that I'm so thankful I hit the gym earlier today. If not for that, my emotions would be through the roof right now. This is just my initial thoughts and feelings. By tomorrow, I know I will have a handle on this and be able to make a smarter decision on what to do with Faye but I know right now is not the right time to make any decisions. Why or why couldn't she just leave me alone?

On a lighter note, my two other colognes came in. I think I have to put a cap on buying anymore for awhile. I have enough cologne for a zombie apocalypse. The last two I got is another Parfum De Marly called Carlisle. The other one is a cheaper knockoff of an expensive cologne made by Creed call Aventus. Both smells very nice :)

Also, while I was on the phone with Faye, my suit saleslady called saying all my tailored stuff is ready for pickup. Woohoo!! I got my tux, red dinner jacket and a sports coat ready. I bought another sports coat so I don't know if they squeezed that one in too. But three for now is just fine with me. haha.

No cool pics except for my two colognes that just came in and I love the smell of them. I now have a pretty vast collection on my dresser (pic attached).
I also posted the first texts Faye sent me last night.

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