London Life
2019-12-02 22:46:47 (UTC)

Banned from a birthday drink. And another AGM.

Got up at 7:15 but had to finish making the cottage pie. I had a lot to do in the office, so I got the tube in, for speed . I posted the Top 100 three days late again - even though it was almost ready on Thursday. I'd added the links by lunchtime. I got an awkward article done, for which the deadline was this morning , though I had to ditch about 100 words.

Also I had to prepare for the AGM, for which I'm never really ready. And I met Jack for lunch, straight back fom his trip.
After we said goodbye, I was following a girl with my eyes as she walked by me, and as I turned to watch her, I realised just in time that Jack was watching me turn my head, expectinf a goodbye wave!

Ted took a lot of pressure off me at the AGM, he kept saying he was a useless director, when actually I'm worse at getting things done. There was a lot of talk about the troublesome gate, and what to do with the back area. Me and Ted would like to grass it over, James would build more flats, but Phil has got a car he parks there. Also, we need to renew leases soon.

Afterwards, I went with Ted to examine the CCTV next door. Hard to imagine us going through hours of footage in that little cupboard, if any incident did ever occur. Really, I would love to be able to give up being Secretary but it's not going to happen.

After Don said in the Southwark WhatsApp that he was going to a birthday drink at a particular pub, and I wrote back to clarify the location, he removed me from the Southwark group so I'm "not inundated with our nonsense". I was only in the group so I could see the pictures last week, and fair enough if he only wants Southwark people at his birthday, but this obvious lie was a strange way to go about it (and I would be the only "extra" person anyway) . He was very friendly, using emojis and said "hope to see you Friday and possibly on the 14th". But it was disconcerting.

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