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2019-12-02 07:20:00 (UTC)

Guess who contacted me?

Well well well. You know the stuff I read and watched regarding "no contact" with an ex? It actually does sort of work. When Faye and I parted ways, I instantly deleted her address from my info and deleted her phone number too just in case I get weak. Anyway, I didn't call, write, or text her but last night at around 11PM, she texted me.

She just told me hi, happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays. That was nice. Then she added something about how she was brought up to return things that is borrowed and she has to return the two shirts to me. One I left by accident the day I slept over her place and the other shirt she got when she slept over my place. She asked if she can return it the next time she's in Sacramento or if she can just mail it. Silly girl. We all know if she wanted to return it without seeing me, she can just mail it and not ask to mail it.

She just misses me. Our last night together back in October was very good. She did come 7 times and we talked a lot too so it was a nice night. Early on, I was shaking me head thinking how can someone have a nice night like that and be able to just shrug it off? But I recalled all the things I learned this year. Not contacting them begging to see them. Then understanding that time... time itself works it's magic. Not really magic but it's too long to explain. You'd need to read up on it. FAB. Fading affect bias. Also, limerence. In fact, there is a time period where limerence hit's it's time at around 45 days so they say and it goes on for awhile peaking at around 2.5 months. Guess what? Without checking my past posts, I believe it has been a little below 2 months. So pretty much about the right time :) lol. Funny how life is huh?

So what do I do with Faye? I honestly don't know. I'm just surprised the things I read about people and what they do is actually truthful. I do know what I want in a partner and she has to be as bold and willing to step up to bat alongside me. I don't think Faye has what it takes. She is too afraid of what the outside community thinks about her situation. Can't have a woman not stand up for herself especially when the going gets tough. I don't find that trait attractive at all. There is a difference between a man protecting her woman and her standing by my side when or if poop hits the fan. I know what I want. May not get it but I shouldn't settle.

On a lighter note, my flowers are still going strong. My cologne from last night I can still smell on me. Drinking coffee in bed from my new Starbucks mug. I just now opened my Amazon package that came in yesterday and it's my red cufflinks that I wanted to wear for my formal dinner. But it's time to get out there and make money so I can spend it on more silly things.

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