Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-12-02 05:19:41 (UTC)


Everyone had a good thanksgiving? Probably, you just stuff your mouth right? The day of gluttony? Well i never liked it. Turkey is always dry, this year my day cooked it just right but dinner time came around and it was dry as usual. Pie? Not really my thing... i used to like pie a lot, especially compared to cake, but i just can’t stand sugary foods. Something about cranberry sauce i just don’t like, not sure what it is. Stuffing? I hate it, makes me gag. Although my dad is on a “keto diet” and had to make a stuffing that fitted in with his diet. And somehow this diet version of a dish is way better. Not only was I actually able to eat it but i was enjoying it. However this meant the biscuits had to be keto and those were fine. Mom and I made a really good salad, so on thanksgiving i took a turkey wing, a small scoop of salad, a biscuit and mash potatoes. He made mashed potatoes because my sister is in love with potatoes. They definitely aren’t keto, and I ate a lot of them. Mash potatoes are a very good, easy to eat comfort food for many people. But other than that, I often lose my appetite on thanksgiving. I never like the food.

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