London Life
2019-12-01 23:01:15 (UTC)

Vegan 2019. Not going to Swindon.

The Vegan 2019 documentary at Leicester Square seemed shorter than last year's. It focused less on the facts and figures, and more on how the environmental impact of meat and dairy has become a key factor (even getting my siblings interested). Also covered was the rise of anti-vegans like Piers Morgan, the former Daily Mirror editor who likes his own publicity and now does ITV breakfast.

At the subsequent Q&A, the same lady who was there last year, said that her company in Newcastle, which under its own name only supplies cheese to Holland & Barrett shops, actually makes most of the vegan products recently introduced by the big supermarkets, and also makes Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat burgers. She has decided to tell big companies they can make money from these products, rather than try and work against them. They are hoping to do the same with sheep farmers, to tell them they could make more money using their land for soya.

Got the bus home and prepared for my trip to Swindon in the morning, the train leaving at 08:05. On seeing that the race was full I looked for my entry and couldn't find one. I could have volunteered instead, but I was going off the idea of the trip, even though I've bought a train ticket, as I've travelled a lot the last two days and there are things I need to do by Monday. Watched the EFL, where Holloway was very enthusiastic about our game yesterday, and read more of my Europe book, discovering that the division of Berlin by the Wall, actually rather suited the western allies.

Woke up about 8 today with a headache, having felt hungry last night after not eating most of the day, then binging on mince, salad and pasta. I caught up on recent news, then started to research my next article, which is due on Monday morning. I was determined not to spend too much time looking at sexy pictures, but I did spend a quick 15 minutes on my Flikr site before my run.

I ran along the canal to Victoria Park, along bits of the Thames Path and back along my bike routes through the City. I didn't make any of the mistakes from last week, or a previous run where I did too much of Commercial Road, rather than the river. This route gave great variety and nice sights - though the nicest sight was near the Tower, two ladies (maybe tourists) looking great in tight black suede over-knee boots and low-denier tights, one with children and one with her man, near each other but not apparently together. (and more shiny, heeled over-knee boots on a girl next to King's Cross). I got cold, a second layer isn't a good idea when running but I should have worn long sleeves.

Having run 21km, I didn't want to get settled, I didn't have a shower but grabbed some bags, put a jacket and skirt on for warmth, and went to get some ingredients from the greengrocer and Sainsbury. I finished researching my article, about the merger crisis, then typed it into my phone.

Before bed I made some shepherd's pie and some mushroom risotto for our lunches. Jack phoned earlier, asking about the film and yesterday's run - I'd been sending him pictures. He's back tomorrow lunchtime.