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2019-12-01 17:02:28 (UTC)

Mr. Brady Was Fine!

I have been hesitant to use this website because Google and my email address were messed up for a week for some reason. I use both to access this website. I actually had to sign out of my channel on YouTube to be able to use it. I couldn't get notifications, like videos and comment on them, but I could still watch videos and I was thankful enough for that.

I've become pickier with what I watch on YouTube and am slowly cutting down on my subscriptions. I had over 200! Many channels I don't even watch or hardly watch.

This entry is boring, I know and I may delete it after I write a better one.

Just randomly: A guy from the past that I hate is gay: Robert Reed, AKA the dad on "The Brady Bunch." He was so handsome. 😍😍😍

A guy from current times that I hate is gay is Zachary Quinto. But, you know what? Spock isnt. 😉 I know, fictional character, but I'm not likely to meet Zachary Quinto, either.

It's all good. My #1 crush is Vsauce. He's not gay, but he is married, but I'll probably never meet him. I think he's an alien, though. Lol. That's okay. He seems to have much more emotion than Spock. Not all aliens are like Vulcans, anyways.

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