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2019-11-30 16:22:14 (UTC)

Random Assortment - November 2019

Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo
So Far Around the Bend by The National
An Ace Unable to Change by Songs: Ohia
Oh, the Wind and Rain by Okkervil River [cover of a folk song]
Carin at the Liquor Store - Spotify Session by The National
Lucky You by The National
Pay for Me by The National
Anna Freud by The National
Hey, Ma by Bon Iver
Rose Petals by S. Carey
Slip Away by Perfume Genius
When Am I Gonna Lose You by Local Natives
Naeem by Bon Iver
Bum Bum Bum by Cass McCombs [I always end up hating any song by this guy after a few listens]
Paul by Big Thief
Forgotten Eyes by Big Thief
Time After Time by Iron & Wine [cover of Cyndi Lauper]
29 #Strafford APTS by Bon Iver [can't listen to this anymore, it makes me too sad. I listened to it on repeat for the last 1/5 of reading Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist—and now I can only associate this song with that same feeling of crying-ness, betrayal, a lack of reciprocity, an emptiness—every time I just feel the guilt and shame of all those feelings again. I'm thinking I most definitely also associate it with the depression I suffered at the time of reading haha...]
He Would Have Laughed by Deerhunter [really cool, unpredictable song—builds off itself into WILD directions~~]
You Can Have It All by Yo La Tengo
Man of Oil by Animal Collective
No One's Gonna Love You (Stockholm Sessions) by Band of Horses
Cardinal by The National
Slipping Husband by The National
90-Mile Water Wall by The National [I really like the last minute or so of this song—I'm not one for songs about heartbreak but o well]
All Mirrors by Angel Olson
We Don't Deserve Love by Arcade Fire
Mourning Sound by Grizzly Bear
I Fall Silence by Rima Kato [I actually fucking LOVE this song—I found it on someone's Over the Garden Wall playlist.]
Have You Ever by Brandi Carlile
Big Lip Blues by Jamie Wight's New Orleans Joymakers
The Beast and the Man by Dirty Bourbon River Show [GREAT song]
Красная река by Аквариум
Плоскость by Аквариум
Боже, храни полярников by Аквариум
Ice Cream Party by Modest Mouse
Without Permission by The National [BEAUTIFUL]
Theory of the Crows by The National
Santa Clara by The National
Patterns of Fairytales by The National
Blank Slate by The National
Take Care by Deerhunter
Love is my Disease by Alicia Keys
PINK by Mothers
Silhouettes by American Football
The Summer Ends by American Football
I Can't Feel You (ft. Rachel Goswell) by American Football
Everyone is Dressed Up by American Football
Tango Till They're Sore by Tom Waits
Where We Gonna Leave It by Petrojvic Blasting Company
Detached by Citizen