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2019-11-30 06:47:20 (UTC)

Dinner last night and random thoughts

I was kicking back yesterday doing chores and with the exception of going to the Men's warehouse to pick up some of the stuff that came in, it was a mellow day. Did the gym thing (which I'm now feeling btw). Had a healthy lunch which was cauliflower rice and chicken. Then the ever exciting laundry and ironing while I watched a show.

I did some some help reading and watched some youtube vids regarding the same topic. I was actually doing ok before watching the videos but the topic was about the holidays and your ex. Well like I said, I was fine before watching the videos but when it started explaining about how some people have anxiety feelings from both the dumper and dumped, well...that made me a little messed up. I wasn't feeling anything but then after watching the dang video I did. Still, it was informative and I guess I learned a little more about what goes on in my head so I guess I can say ok, lesson learned.

Time to get ready for gym. Some peeps are coming as guests so they are in for a treat today :)
Heidi got off of work last night and called me to see if I could have dinner with her. Told her isn't that your man's job to have dinner with you (jokingly of course. we are that close). She said he was in Stockton hanging out with friends (He's trying not to be a needy guy. Long story for another day). I told her I'm all grungy and didn't even shower after the gym. Then I said "Oh well, you probably didn't shave too so ok, I'll go?" She called me a jerk then laughed because I always say the stupidest things that she can't help but laugh.

We had dinner and talked mostly about fun stuff. We did discuss a little about our friend that passed away. Another topic I still can't discuss yet. Maybe later. But having dinner with my friend only reminded me about the stupid video I watched on youtube. I did think and wish I had someone cool that I could just do last minute dinners with on the fly that wasn't just a friend. But no. I don't have that special person yet. My friend will have to do for now. Sigh....

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